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Meet Carolyn

photo of Carolyn

Carolyn is a member of the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, the International Society of Reproductive Psychiatry (one of very few providers in the Tampa Bay and SW FL). She is also an active member of the Sarasota County Nurse Practitioners. 

UpLift Mental Wellness was founded to help individuals start prioritizing their mental health care to allow for a better quality of life. It is all too often when we hear from patients about their last provider not making an effort to listen to their concerns and feelings. It is our ultimate goal to build a strong, trusting rapport with our patients while offering one on one support for open and honest health care for the mind and body. You will always feel heard, validated, safe, and welcome. Carolyn will educate and empower you to participate in the treatment plan and goals. 


Carolyn is the founder of UpLift Mental Wellness. She was born and raised in the mountains of WV and has always been compassionate about mental health. Through her childhood she would see the effects of neglecting mental health and how it had negative impacts on families. She began her nursing career in community mental health over 12 years ago. After gaining many years of experience in other areas of nursing especially in womens health and labor and delivery. She graduated from Simmons University with a MSN with a concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner in 2018. She has been working in psychiatry and mental health since 2019 while gaining her post masters certificate for psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in 2022. 


In her many years in psychiatry and mental health combined with the experience she has in womens health she has curated a niche service to offer to women and mothers struggling to find their optimal mental wellness. As a mother of 4 children, Carolyn understands the day to day emotional challengers that women face. She is here to validate those feelings and work through them with you. It is easy to put your self care aside when caring for the family and having to remain a leader or role model. Remember if you are not caring for your self, you will not be able to care for those you care about. 

Areas of Expertise

Reproductive psychiatry

Focusing on women's  mental health and the hormonal/cycle transitions. This includes perinatal and post partum depression and anxiety and premenstral dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

Mood disorders

Mental health disorders that causes disruptions in mood and emotions. These can manifest as depression, euphoria, or a combination of both. This includes Major depressive disorder and Bipolar disorder. 

Substance use disorder

Treatment of the dysfunctional use of drugs and/or alcohol. 

Anxiety and panic disorders

Anxiety is the feeling of persistent uneasiness or fearing and/or avoiding certain things that effect everyday life. Panic disorder manifests as unexpected episodes of intense anxiety or fear. Both can cause physical symptoms and intrusive thoughts.


A persistent disorder that affects the ability to maintain attention and concentration and often impairs the ability to control impulse and hyperactivity.  This can impair performance and relationships with others. 

Thought disorders

Abnormalities in thinking and communication can manifest as psychosis and can be present in disorders such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. 

Adjustment disorder

Stressful events or changes in life may lead to unhealthy coping that effects emotions immediately after an event. 


Sleep disorder that can manifest as difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep. 

Other services

Psychiatric evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy, counseling/coaching, functional medicine for alternative and holistic treatment options, medical weight loss, male and female hormone replacement therapy. 

Our Approach

A foundation is first created through the evaluation process. This may include filling out screening tools and intake forms for us to gather as much information about you and your specific needs. In the initial evaluation we will typically spend atleast 60 minutes discussing your top priorities and concerns and begin planning our treatment course based on your goals. Follow up visits to work on treatment plans, counseling, and medication/supplement modification and management may be 30 - 60 minutes depending on needs, Treatment is personally tailored to you as an individual so you will not feel rushed or unheard. We use open and honest communication to work with you on plans and goals. Evidence based practice and empowering the patient through education is the foundation of creating our plan of care.  

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