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Image by Camylla Battani

Reproductive psychiatry/
women's mental health

Carolyn has specialized in providing mental health care and promoting wellness for women and mothers at varying ages and stages in life. A lot of factors can alter a women's mental health such as hormones, mensural cycles, pregnancy, post partum, and perimenopause. Women are natural caregivers who often lack proper self-care due to the demands of putting the needs of family and others first. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders often go untreated and new mothers feel stigmatized and alone. Many OB/GYN providers lack the time and resources to fully evaluate and manage these problems. Many mothers and women past the postpartum stage continue to have trouble coping with feelings and emotions but often do not seek treatment due to negative stigma. Wellness can be achieved no matter what your situation or stage of life. For women experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, we can offer hormone replacement therapies. 

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